Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stealing a Nation - Part review

Readers After watching the programme yesterday (06-Oct-2004), I am out of speech for these poor people. It is amazing how the British government tricked these poor people out of their home land. They also claimed the Ilois to be "floating people" when they had their grand parents fathers and mothers born and bread on the island. All the time up to now I thought that only the British manipulated the evidence and that the Americans only kept a low profile on the issue. I was shocked about the kind of documents the American administrations faked on Diego Garcia. Now, after their battle in the High Court of England, the British Government does not want to resettle them over there because they claim that it will be too costly and it is not worth the tax payers money. How disgraceful. They do not have a heart or even a soul if they think like this. This is a brief description and review of the programme. I will write more later. I must say a great thanks to those who contributed to the documentary.

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