Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Stealing a Nation

If you live in the UK, there will be an interesting programme called "Stealing a Nation" that will be broadcasted on ITV1 on wednesday the 6th of October 2004 (11pm). This document contains proofs of what happened to the Ilois of Diego Garcia. Also, in Mauritius, the illois have written a letter to the Queen demanding their rights. They are willing to sleep outside the British High Commission in Mauritius and strike of hunger. Hopefully the British government will apologise on this fact as well just as Tony Blair did concerning going to war on basis of WMD in Iraq. What can we really do for these people. I think the first step is to let as many people around the world know their sufferings.


Jaeboy said...

Could someone record this for us, Mauritians?

Mikey boy said...

I believe you can download it at places on the internet.

This link doesn;t work at the moment but it may do later...

Anonymous said...

I've just watched it on tv. I'm incensed. I cannot express my feeling of utter disgust and contempt for the so called leaders of our generation.
The arrogance of those responsible is surely one of the greatest crimes of this century, (that we know about). Like one protesters poster in the program said. these people have no regard for ther own institutions, i.e. the Government has no regard for the British courts.
Where are they leading us too, these 'leaders'. What path of destruction are they taking us on. What else around the planet are they secretly doing?
I wish I'd recorded it. After the documentary I googled the subject. I was having problems finding a link that worked to download and ended up here.
I've tried the ones mentioned here as well, but theire broken as too! coincidence, who knows!!
It has to be stopped! Its SICK.

Faisal ... said...

Hi Anonymous

There is a link that works but you will need a bit torrent software. I need to make sure that it is legal first before posting it.