Saturday, January 20, 2007

Voice for Chagos

David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, has a website where people can vote on issues that he will talk about in the House of Commons. Here is what I have received from Celia Whitetaker of Chagos Support (UK):

Daniel Simpson has put a question on David Cameron's website. "When will you introduce a parliamentary motion demanding a government-funded plan to resettle Chagossians on the islands from which Britain evicted them, together with an apology and adequate compensation for the decades of hardship inflicted?" You can now vote to have David Cameron (U.K. Conservative Party leader) make a public statement on the situation of the Chagossians by going to registering and voting. David Cameron will only be "obliged" to answer the top 5 questions after this week's deadline which ends next Sunday to Monday night at exactly 0.00am. Last week's no. 1 question (put there by the American section of the international 9/11 Truth Movement) received 172 votes, so my guess is we could easily beat that number if everyone helps. All it takes is a quick and simple on-line registration under any nickname, so please help the Chagossians by doing this and also encourage others who care about justice to do the same.

I think that you can help, please help! Tell everone about it. If you do not know about Chagos, read it here!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back From Hibernation

Dear Readers It has indeed been a long time since I lasted posted something on this blog. Since then, so many things happened in my personal and professional life. It has also been a time of reflection for me - what do I want to achieve? where am I leading to? I am not going to promise anything but I will try my best to keep posting. I have deceived so many of you and hope to catch up.