Thursday, December 29, 2005

Podcasting?? Me??

Dear reader The latest thing I am into is Podcasting. Here is a quick work:

You can view and subscribe to my pocasts at My HyperSpace on Odeo

I thank Biz for the tip

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Innovation Innovation Innovation

I found this article on Biz's blog. I think that this is real innovation - recharging without wires. Being an RF engineer I think that's cool.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Parents - Teachers War at a School in Mauritius

Remember my friend James, blogger of Well his 'revolution' is in the national news. Here is the original article and the google-translated version (do not click on the link, scroll down instead). Give James your support.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Topic of the Chagos and Tromelin at the UN

The Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navin Ramgoolam, has spoken out his wish (and that of the Mauritian People) of gaining back the Chagos and Tromelin islands to the United Nations. He made it clear that the British Government (and French Government with regards to the Tromelin islands), acts were violations of the UN declaration 1514 and Resolution 2066.
He wants a fast resume of the talks and that the Sovereignty is returned back to Mauritius.
Thank you Prime Minister.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Oldest Primary School Pupil - in my opinion

Kenya's oldest primary school pupil is to me the oldest in the world. Kimani Nganga Maruge is 85 and attends the same school as two of his 30 grand kids (who are in more senior grades). He is currently in New York to address the importance of free primary education (my view as well) to the UN. This is his first ever flight and definitely the furthest he has been from his home. He will be touring New York in a yellow school bus, with his Head Teacher, and will be displaying a hundred thousand paper figures campaigning for children deprived of education due to poverty. Education is a basic right, no matter at which level, and I hope that the leaders of this dear planet understand this fact. Here is the article from the BBC.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

HOT Topics for the Press

Dear readers Here are some hot topics from my fellow bloggers: "A star from Mosul" opens our eyes to a terrible truth in Iraq and "James of JaeDns" has started his revolution.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Birth of a Nation

Have you ever thought of starting a new country? Well, here is someone who did - Danny Wallace. The country has a flag, national anthem, constitution and even a national treasure. It's population is greater than that of Monaco and intends to grow. You can fly to it by clicking here and you will not need any visa :D

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Two Minute Silence for the Victims of the London Blasts

Today all people of different communities across the UK (and probably the world) will be observing a two minute silence for the victims of the London bombing. For those who incite hatred in the name of or against Islam, it is time to reflect that we all people with the same colur of blood flowing through our veins. We all live, eat and sleep on the same planet. _____________________________________

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Monday, July 11, 2005

For the victims of the London Blasts and for their families

Dear fellow readers Please contribute to the story I have started on my 'Story Blog'. I have dedicated it to all those who have lost their lives (and their families) in the London bombing last thursday (7th July 2005) Thanks ____________________________

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Four Blasts on London by Terrorists (WAS: Seven Blasts on London by Terrorists)

London has been rocked by four explosions causing several casualties. Four terrorists acts have been confirmed by the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke. The explosions affected six stations, Edgware Road, King's Cross, Liverpool Street, Russell Square, Aldgate East and Moorgate, and Travistock Square where a Double Decker bus was ripped apart. So far only two dead have been announce. Imagine that you were just travelling to work via the Underground as usual, imagine that you are a mere tourist going to the centre of London on the Picadilly Line - How on earth would you expect that you would have been victim of a terrorist attack. This is a very shameful act by very shameless people. It is barbaric just as the Prime Minister has described it. It is an unjust act on innocent people. I felt worse than when the Twin Towers were attacked on the 11th September 2001. It is true that the act on New York was far more fatal but I have a dear sister in London. I have lots of cousins that I consider as brothers living and working in London, not forgetting all the uncles and aunts of mine from the same city. It can even be that a close friend of mine from University is among the victims. London is a city of diversity of all races and religions. Ninet nine percent of all Londoners from all communities respect each others beliefs - more than any other major cities in this world. It just does not deserve such terror to happen on its people. All I have to say is that those who cause injustice on others, especially severe ones, Justice is catching on them. They have labelled themselves for the worst, not us.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Discussion: 2005 Elections in Mauritius

They announced the results of the 2005 elections yesterday. L'Alliance Sociale has won 61.3% of the National Assembly seats against 35.5% won by the leaving Government (pretty close guess). The Labour Party should not be so confident. Their Alliance received 49% of the votes compared to 43% by the (ex)governmental alliance. Labour Party must be very careful on their new mandate especially when they did not do much on the last one they won. I believe that they won because in Mauritius people prefer mid-lefts rather than the far rights (case with the (ex)Governmental Alliance). Some people may argue that the votes were based upon the ethnicity of the 'to-be' Prime Minister - to some extent this is true. It was a first when Paul Berenger became Prime Minister of Mauritius in 2003. However, this in itself was just a deal made among the parties of the winning Alliance of the 2000 elections. I thought that finally Mauritians will realise that there is nothing to win in communalist attitudes - I was wrong. Anyway, as discussed in my previous post, I would not have voted for any of them. They all have big dreams that they cannot promise and they still think that they can tackle the voters as in the 80's. Martin Luther King avait fait un grand meeting à Washington. Il avait lance alors : "I had a dream". Moi aussi, j'ai fait un reve. Je suis arrive un haut niveau. J'ai vu l'avenir de Maurice. Comptez sur moi. Je sais que le changement arrive pour vous. [Navin Ramgoolam Leader of the Labour Party, newly elected Prime Minister - extracted from Le Mauricien of the 01-July-2005 Edition] Translation: In a great meeting in Washington, Martin Luther King said that he had a dream. I had a dream too. I have reached a very high level. I have seen the future of Mauritius. Count on me. I know that changes are coming for you. [Navin Ramgoolam] Anil Baichoo pe rod reekrir Ramayan, li pe rod fer Navin Ramgoolam vinn Ram! Navin Ramgoolam zame na pa pou kapav vinn Ram dan sa pei la. Zame Anil Baichoo pou kapav fer ou aval sa. Mwa mo dir ou, pli gran Rawan, se lalyans sosyal. Ram, se nou. [Pravind Jugnauth, vice Prime Minister of the (ex)Government - extracted from Le Mauricien of the 01-July-2005 Edition] Translation: Anil Baichoo wants to re-write the Ramayan. He wants to make Navin Ramgoolam Ram (Hindu God). Navin Ramgoolam can never be Ram in this country. Anil Baichoo can never make you believe this. The biggest Rawan (Devil) is the "L'Alliance Sociale". We are Ram. [Pravind Jugnauth] They think that politics is a family business. Most of the polititians are basically sons of ex-polititians. Mauritius is somehow an exceptional country. It's future has always been in the hands of the hard workers and rarely in the ones of the politicians. Ironically, the political drama has somewhat contributed to it's social stability (after the late 70's). My biggest fear for this Government however is that they might forget the struggle of the Chagossians. It was the old Labour Party that caused them the trouble. This my friends, we have to fight. __________________________

Monday, July 04, 2005

2005 Election day in Mauritius

Today will be announced the result of the 2005 National Assembly Election in Mauritius. In the past the population used to block vote but this year a much better result will seem to emerge (in point of view of a healthy political system) - that is the winning party will not have absolute majority and hence a descent opposition. It is like that the current Government will lose and an Alliance of Opposing Parties will be the winners. I believe that the result will be something like 40% - 50% (Current Government - Opposition). Well, let us find out later today (2005-July-04). However, FYI, I personally would not have chosen any of them (something to be discussed later). Congratulation to the Leader of the Labour Party (since the Devil has to be given his due :D) ____________________ On va annoncer Aujourd'hui les resultats des Elections de L'Assemble National Mauritienne de 2005. Dans le passe, les gens votaient en bloc mais cette annee ci, il y aura un meilleur resultat (au point de view d'une systeme politique saine) - c'est a dire que la partie gagnate n'aura pas la majorite absolu et donc une opposition descente. Il parait que le Governement actuel va perdre les vote descisive dans la main d'une Alliance des parties de l'opposition. Je crois que les resultats seront quelque chose comme ca:40% - 50% (le Governement Actuel - L'Opposition). On saura tres bientot aujourd'hui (2005-Julier-04). Toutefois, pour votre information, je n'aurais vote aucun de ces parties majeure (je vais discuter sur cela apres). Mes felicitation au chef du Parti Travalliste (car on doit tout de meme lui donner son du :D)

Blog Update

For new comers who would like to help the Illois please go to the following website: I would also like to point out that you can view the Sat View on the Indian Ocean (updated at least once daily) at the bottom left of this page. ;). ______________ Pour les nouveaux lecteurs qui veulent aider les Illois, je vous pris de visiter cette site-web: Je voudrais aussi vous dire que vous pouvez voir l'image satelite de L'ocean Indien au bas, a droite, de se blog ;).

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Award Winning Documentary by John Pilger

Dear readers, There is good news that "Stealing a Nation" will be shown again on the 21st of July at 11pm on ITV1. For you in the UK please 'publicise' this. The British Government has promised to organise a visit by the Ilois to Diego Garcia. It comes to no surprise that the trip is being delayed everytime. Could it be that the British Government does not have much resource to do this? The good news, however, is that the High Court in UK has ruled in favour of the Chagossians in England on the status of residency. According to the ruling, they should have been considered habitual resident on the day they landed on the British Isle. It should be noted though that the Secretary of State may appeal this decision. ______________________________ Cher Lecteurs C'est de bonne nouvel que ITV1 a decide de redifuser le programme "Stealing a Nation" le 21 Julier a 2300H. Pour vous en Angleterre, je vous prie de publiciser cela. Il y a tres recemment, le gouvernement Anglais, avait decide d'organiser une visit pour les Ilois a Diego Garcia. Il n'est pas surprenant que cette visit soit retarde chaque fois. Peut-etre qu'ils n'ont pas de resource pour un tel evenement. Je vous laisse casser la tete sur celle la. Bonne nouvel aussi que la Court Supreme a juge en faveur des Chagossiens, qui sont en Angleterre, a propos de leur statue de residence. Ils auront du etre considere comme des residents normaux des le jour ils ont mis pieds sur l'le Britanique. Toute fois, le Secretaire D'Etat peut faire un apel sur cette decision.