Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Oldest Primary School Pupil - in my opinion

Kenya's oldest primary school pupil is to me the oldest in the world. Kimani Nganga Maruge is 85 and attends the same school as two of his 30 grand kids (who are in more senior grades). He is currently in New York to address the importance of free primary education (my view as well) to the UN. This is his first ever flight and definitely the furthest he has been from his home. He will be touring New York in a yellow school bus, with his Head Teacher, and will be displaying a hundred thousand paper figures campaigning for children deprived of education due to poverty. Education is a basic right, no matter at which level, and I hope that the leaders of this dear planet understand this fact. Here is the article from the BBC.

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Fayrouz said...

Hey Faisal,

Glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

salut, je suis vermina1. Tu m'as laissé un petit commentaire sur mon espace perso! c'est bien gentil.

Fej said...


It is good to see you back.

Education is the key to success for anyone and should be considered a right. I'm glad he had the chance to come to New York, I hope it is a worth while trip.