Friday, October 15, 2004

Comments received for "Stealing a Nation" post

It seems that for some reason, some comments are not being displayed on this blog. I have received them through email. Here are two of them:

"I am absolutely ashamed to say that I am British! we owe these poor people their lives!"

You must not feel ashame. Even though your Government is to be blamed, the British and Americans (people, scholars, lawyers) are still the ones fighting for the cause of the Illois.

"The profile of this indefensible case has been recently raised on British television and through the writings of John Pilger in the Guardian Weekly.An excellent site has been created at next phase is an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and the ethnic cleansing of the Chagossians deserves widespread publicity if we are ever to be truly proud of our respective civilisations and their constitutions.You can help by linking to the site whenever possible and raising the profile of 'Illois' in search engines.Although 'Chagos' and 'Diego Garcia' return many results, 'Illois' returns few relevant to this cause.Power to your elbow.


Thanks Moon. Publicising this issue is one of the main reason why I have this blog. I do have a link to this site already. Maybe I should rename this link. Thanks for your support if you are already talking about it.


Fayrouz said...

Hi Faisal,

I hope I'm not late in saying "Happy Eid."

I wish the best for you and your family.

Please, keep blogging. I love you blog.

Faisal ... said...

Thanks Fayrouz

Better late than never :). I do appreciate your support. Lots of friends and families came to my place for Eid. It was great to see them all.

Don't worry, I'll keep blogging and I have lots to write.

Jaeboy said...

Damn i missed it on MBC :( anyone got a copy of it?

Faisal ... said...

Got one but how to send it to you?

Fej said...


I hope that everything is okay with you. I haven't seen an update from you in a while.

Jaeboy said...

hmm... you can send it via mail to me, but don't exceed 10G in size. Ok? jaedruid [at]

Yasmin said...


Happy New Year bro, I want to beat you to it, since you are wishing me good things alway ahahaha, Take care

I hope your your is great for you, your family and your country.

your sister yasmiin

Anonymous said...

Movement agenst great bretain's Colonialism!!
The biggest one Colonialist in 21st Cetury, whos stealed the Chagos Island in 1961 and rented the same by secret military agreement to the buggest terorist=NATO / USA in this days.
Lets Bring back Chagos Island to its Population!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Not, lets Withdrawal the great Britain from European Society because GB are only one EU member-Colonialist who's talking and pretending for Democracy in EU but still as the No:-1 Colonialist in the Earth steal one big nation CHAGOS!!!!
For more information please refer to the "Stealing a Nation, a Special Report by John Pilger" at;

Thanks and Please United for one Really Democrat and free EARTH!!