Friday, January 06, 2006

Mauritius has to abolish the Death Penalty

- Port Louis, Mauritius, 12/18 - The Mauritian branch of Amnesty International (AI) has petitioned Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam demanding the scrapping of the death penalty in the island nation. - [Angola Press]

Dear readers,

This is the kind of news you have to be very careful of. According the Angola Press the capital punishment has been put on hold on the island. The death penalty has been completely abolished in Mauritius since 1989. This news agency seem to be profitting on hypes rather than facts - just like many.

This confirms one of my common statement as true: Make sure you know the Authenticity of the source.

Why does google (News) trust this source???

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javed said...

I think Death penalty is a far to harsh punishment and its illogical to deprive the life of someone for the sake of justice , life servitutde in my opinion could be a more powerful deterrent if properly applied preventing the convict from having any whatsoever contact with the outside world.

sara said...


Jaeboy said...

Mauritius still got death penalty? well, if it still does, am sure it has its reasons.

Nah it shall not be abolished. For instance, tomorrow your mom has been captured, raped and tortured for 1 week then beaten half dead and thrown to the sea, luckily fisherman net'd her out. What is your reaction?

Sorry to be harsh but it's just an example :P

Anonymous said...

Please note that death penalty has been put on hold not abolished. Take a look at the constitution.. One cannot deprive someone from his/her life unless sentenced by a court of justice.

Anonymous said...

I had never been interrested in politics, Coz i know everything politicians says and does it is for their benefit. I stay away far away from gambling , politics, but this time and for the first time i salute Mr Navin for having takensuch a bold descision. My respect for a descision that will save perhaps many innocent lives in future.Respect for the reason that criminals who kill innocent people do not have any place in our society and there should be no sympathy for them. If somebody realizes the pain of a victim and point of view of the familly who suffers lost of a dear one, its not only one person, but a whole familly who suffers at a point, that cannot be described for years and forever. What is the reaction,when they see the criminal realeased after a mere five or ten years sentence,and sometimes granted community service instead of punishment. The worst is there are buffon in human rights who defend for their right. So far those buffons have never shown any sympathy or support to any victim or their familly. They are worst than politicians. They only care for their own safety and take advantage of benefits.Just to show media about their concern for rights, in fact all make up.Because they are safe in their air con cars and security. we common people and our fammilies are at mercy of those crminlals. There are people living in constant fear. Mauritius no longer has the image of paradise for the rise in crimes rapes ,robbery, theft, may be will be top soon. It was high time for the safety and security of our childrens and next generations to breath air of freedom instead of poison of our society. No cry for criminals. they do not deserve pity but harsh death penalty remove the unwanted weeds of the society,is the demand of the time, mauritius needs to bring back its paradise image, and i think there is no other magic solution to stop crimes.After what happened to the prostitute in port louis,its no time to think about it, but action to end this cancer of our society.
There is no alternative or whatsoever to end violence in our society.Those who think that they can find a better solution are crying for the moon.Prison is a five star institution , it is no longer place of punishment. So criminals just go for a relax time in prison, while famillies of victims die in pain everyday. is this justice?

Radi said...

I believe that death penalty should not be re-introduced because we cannot kill someone to show that killing is wrong!Suppose a dog bite you,would you bite it back? Certainly not;you might throw stones or scare it. Likewise there exist other effective alternatives that can help to deter crimes.As everyone knows the famous saying:"An eye for an eye",but has anyone ever thought that an eye for an eye will lead to a world of blind? Likewise a life for a life will lead to a world of criminals!