Friday, August 27, 2004

Stephane Buckland is a Hero

Athlete Stephane Buckand, representing Mauritius, came sixth in the 200m Men final at the Olympics (in Greece). He did not receive a medal for his performance but he is still a hero for his country. He is now officially the sixth fastest men in the world. I think that is amazing. I believe it is even better than the Americans who got all the medals in this competition. Stephane never had a proper coach. He did not have any proper facilities available to him for his training and did it almost by himself. We should not also forget the not so organised Mauritian committee as well. Stephane may not have won a medal but he can be certain that there were Mauritians around the world watching and supporting him. There are very few Mauritian athletes who have achieve this. He has won our hearts.


Fayrouz said...

I agree. Athletes without any support are my heros even if they don't win.

Jaeboy said...

as i said before, not bad for a first 'show off'

Darth Daddy said...

A real life "Rocky" story. I always love it when an underdog comes from behind and really achieves something.


Torchbearer said...

I was watching the race and cheering him on because I knew how much it meant to you and other Mauritians. It really was an incredible accomplishment. Making the finals at an Olympic event is a BIG deal. I hope it gives other young Mauritians the courage and hope to pursue their dreams.

The pictures of the fauna of Mauritius are great. Thank you Faisal for sharing part of your homeland with us.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!