Friday, June 25, 2004

Justice for the "Illois"

The illois are people that has been removed from their land (Chagos Islands)in 1965 by the British and Americans. Many of you do not know this because they are numbered by only a few thousands and does not create a global impact. The point is this is complete injustice especially when you know the reason behind it: to build an American Air base on a so-called "British Territory". In-fact only one of the island, Diego Garcia. There is also something that you should know, all the animals on their island were killed using the holocaust gas. These people live in poverty in Mauritius where the government have been fighting for their case. In 2000 they won their case in the High Court in England but this does not resolve their problem. Why? Because the British Government (in 2004) has decided to go against the ruling of the court and keep these people out of their own land. I think we should help these people and give them their human right. I thought of posting this on the internet where a wider audience of people will be able to view it. I await your response and thanks for Reading Faisal ...


Disillusioned kid said...

The treatment of the Ilois by the British Government has been nothing short of a scandal, yet it continues almost without comment.

On the island that was once theirs the US has built a base which has been used to carry out attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only that, but it has also been a detention facility for terrorist "suspects", much like Guantanamo Bay, but more secretive.

Check out the UK Chagos Support Association for more info, links and, more importantly, things to do. See:

Anonymous said...

The profile of this indefensible case has been recently raised on British television and through the writings of John Pilger in the Guardian Weekly.
An excellent site has been created at

The next phase is an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and the ethnic cleansing of the Chagossians deserves widespread publicity if we are ever to be truly proud of our respective civilisations and their constitutions.

You can help by linking to the site whenever possible and raising the profile of 'Illois' in search engines.
Although 'Chagos' and 'Diego Garcia' return many results, 'Illois' returns few relevant to this cause.

Power to your elbow.


Faisal ... said...

Thanks Moon. Publicising the issue is one of the main reason I have this blog. I do have a link to this site already. Maybe I should rename this link.

Faisal ... said...

Thanks for your support moon.